10 ways to be more active

If your dream is to be more active, you have to tackle it smartly to ensure that it becomes a reality and not remain a dream. But if you have been pretty much inactive, you’ll know that it is very difficult to actually become active and you may also not know how to become active. To help you, we will look at the top 10 ways to became more active.

1. Start slow

Start your activity plan slowly and don’t rush into things.

2. Set active goals

In order to make sure that you achieve your targets and that you have a plan of action, set some smart goals – goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bounded.

3. Switch off the TV

Spend more time on your feet and less time in front of the telly. That way you will slash your risk of obesity in half. But when you absolutely must watch some TV, rather do it while using the best portable treadmill – you can run, jog and walk on it.

4. Take a dance class

A dance class is sure to help get you more active and you will have so much fun that you look forward to your next class.

5. Get in free exercise

Make sure that you maximize your activity levels by getting in free exercise like walking your dog, parking further away from the shops and taking the stairs instead of the lift.

6. Do homework

Make time to do your own home work like mowing your lawn, vacuuming your own carpets, washing your car and hanging your clothes.

7. Do something active on the weekends

Make a rule to do one active thing on the weekend whether it is to go hiking, swimming or riding your bikes.

8. Join a gym

A gym will hopefully get you more active as long as you attend regularly. When you do, make sure that you do both cardio and weight training. You will also have access to the best exercises to lose belly fat – these includes sit ups and crunches.

9. Join a sports club

Playing a sport with a sports club will help to get you more moving and you may even end up loving the sport.

10. Take a lunch hour stroll

Go for a brisk walk in your lunch time and make some room for activity in your week.

If you follow these ways to get more active and you set some goals and strive to achieve them, you will be more active before you know it. But make sure to take things slow and to not burn yourself out before you can complete your goals

Pete10 ways to be more active