50’s Trends in 2010

The 1950’s was a time when women’s fashion was all about exuding a very feminine vibe; smart dressing and tailored cuts were all the rage. Women accessorized with pearls, high heels, gloves, and hats, and used girdles to help them have an hour glass figure.  This was also the era when designers such as Christian Dior and Coco Chanel revolutionized their own brand of fashion – the quality of which still stands true today.

Some of the most popular styles at that time include the different cuts for skirts such as the swing, poodle, pencil, and A-line cuts. Peter Pan and wide collars were also very popular. Other trends in fashion were cropped jackets, wrap dresses, shirt dresses, knee-high socks, and chiffon lingerie. Women also loved colors, patterns, and fur.

In the ever changing world of fashion, some things are forever considered classic and some just fads that are forgotten. There are those, however, that make a comeback and are yet again considered in. Recent fashion trends have shown that these 50’s styles are, once more, very much in:


Knee High Socks

In the 1950’s wearing knee high socks was considered very casual; women usually paired them with poodle skirts, cardigans, and ladies leather shoes. Today, when wearing knee high socks, one must consider the three prevalent styles that are available in the market: knee high socks, over the knee socks, and thigh high socks. These styles are no longer considered to be just casual, they can also be very high fashion; women can layer them with stockings or wear thigh high socks with thigh high boots, which are also trendy these days.

Plus sized women should avoid thigh high socks, as it will draw too much attention to bigger thighs; they should try knee high socks instead, and see which length would best suit their bone structure. For example, knee high socks that rest just below the knee would give a more slimming look than those that are placed above the knee, as this could cause a bulge in that part.

Patterns and Prints

Printed dresses in the 1950’s were one of the most common apparel of women at the time. Today, patterns and prints are back – but this time, on pants. Different patterns and prints for different cuts of pants will be all the rage for the women of 2010, especially this spring. Pants that are made of light fabric will be most popular this season.

Plus sized women should opt for pants with a relaxed fit instead of skinny cuts as bold prints draw attention to the lower half of the body.  

Polka Dots

A popular pattern during the 1950’s was polka dots. This is once again true for fashion today. From swimwear, to tops, to accessories and bags, polka dots are definitely back in 2010.

Plus sized women should avoid busy polka dot prints as this would make their frame look bigger. Instead, opt for a subtle print or accessorizing with the pattern, such as with a scarf or bag.

Pete50’s Trends in 2010