A Customized Closet Organizers D-I-Y Plan

Imagine if, everyday you spend 5 minutes digging into your closet for a dress that you will wear for work on that day.  If you multiply that 5 minutes by 5 days, that’s 25 minutes per week.  Twenty five minutes per week translates to 100 minutes per month, 1,200 minutes or 20 days in a year.  That’s like wasting almost one month of your time unproductively, and only because of your disorganized closet.  Lots of home essentials like plastic storage boxes and a closet organizers do it yourself plan can help you fix all these mess in your closet.  You deserve to have a happier and stress-free life, remember?  So here’s what you can do.

If you live in a four-season country like the US,  you can organize your clothes based on the existing season.  This means that if its summer season now, all your summer clothes will be the ones displayed in your main closet.  Your winter clothes can be stored in plastic storage boxes and placed in another end of your closet or bedroom.  Once winter comes, your winter clothes now take your main closet space.

For those with tropical climate, you can arrange your clothes according to colors.  In case of limited closet space, you can fold and stack them in your closet racks.

Your often-used clothes can be hanged in your main closet rod arranged according to purpose. This makes it easier for you to get them out of your closet when needed.  If you’re already sure of what mix-matched clothes to wear for the week, you can already put them together in hangers so they’re ready when you need them.

There are lots of functional solutions available in the stores for all your organizing needs such as hanging shoe racks, hanging closets, organizers, etc.  If you’re into the D-I-Y stuff, you can buy do-it-yourself shelves.  Whatever it is, just make sure to find the one that best fits your needs and personal lifestyle.

PeteA Customized Closet Organizers D-I-Y Plan