A Liberty Gun Safe Is Your Own Personal Security Guard

That catchy title of this article is one of Liberty’s tag lines.  That, along with “America’s Number One Selling Gun Safe”, explains why Liberty gun safes are as popular as they are.  The fact is, they’re amazingly effective at keeping out burglars, fires, floods, and in the case of one Jackson, Mississippi man, an F4 tornado.  If you’re in the market for a safe, it’s nearly impossible to not recognize the effectiveness and craftsmanship of a Liberty gun safe – the company darn near flaunts it!

They release videos of them lighting their safes and their  competitors’ products on fire.  They hire UL, one of the fiercest security testing companies in the world to try to break into their safes.  UL has a team of professional safe crackers throw everything that they have at these safes to earn their coveted mark of approval, and everyone that makes it to the market passes the test.

As far as their fire resistance goes, they’re in the upper echelon as well.  Their least expensive product, the Centurion is able to withstand 30 minutes of intense flames, and their National Security Magnum series can take 1200 degree F heat for 2.5 hours!  As you can imagine, you get what you pay for, and you can pay a lot.  Their most expensive gun safes, like the aforementioned Magnum or the Presidential model can easily make it up into the $5-$6K price range.

This sticker shock tends to freak a lot of people out, so they drop down to a cheaper product, while compromising the potential security of their valuables.  There are plenty of well made products on the market that are less expensive than a Liberty safe, but if you have thousands of dollars invested in a gun collection, jewelry, financial records, priceless photo albums…whatever is important to you, why would you want to risk it all to save a little money?  If there are material things in your life that you truly value, do yourself a favor, and hire a Liberty security guard to watch them for you.

PeteA Liberty Gun Safe Is Your Own Personal Security Guard