A Perfect Portable Printer for Family Fun

Are you looking for a small travel printer that is more for creativity, fun, and the family than business? If so, there is one model that fits the bill perfectly. That model is the Canon Selphy ES30. This is a compact photo printer that offers a lot of interesting and unique features. It also makes a perfect gift for any family member or friend who is interested in photography or scrap booking.

How compact is the Selphy ES30? Its dimensions are 8.9 x 5.4 x 8.9 inches and it weighs only 4.6 lbs. How expensive is the ES30? It has a list price of $189.99, but you can find one heck of a discount on Amazon, where new units are currently selling for as low as $50.

The Selphy ES30 is great for frames, clip art, calendars, greeting cards for weddings and graduations, or almost any type of creative printing you can think of. There are even options for gold and silver inks, which will allow you to add custom frames to your clip art. You can also add gold and silver-framed Canon Photo Paper to the list, which will allow you to print photos that are more memorable.

With 20 different types of camera memory cards available, there’s no need to use a computer. If you choose to purchase the optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface, you will also be able to print directly from computers, digital cameras, and many handheld devices.

With a carrying handle and a 3-inch color LCD screen for previewing your photos, there’s no better small travel printer for a fun family vacation. Not only will you enjoy taking pictures of waterfalls, beaches, skylines, and most important of all, family, but you will have just as much fun creating the prints together. Who would have ever though that a portable printer would be able to bring a family together in such a way? In my experience reviewing printers, I have learned something very important – never doubt Canon. They come up with the most unique and intriguing models on the market. And their customer service is excellent as well. No, I don’t work for Canon. I just appreciate and admire the creativity of the company. Anyway, the Canon Selphy ES30 is a great option for anyone wanting to add to their family fun.

PeteA Perfect Portable Printer for Family Fun