A Successful Career in Dentistry

It is not easy to become a dentist as people often think. Many think that it is as easy as handling teeth and they therefore undermine this profession. A Dentist must work hard to reach the point of running an own practice. To become a dentist, you must take the science courses at school. You will be required to major in either chemistry or biology and get good grades that will get you into a dental institution. Here, you will study another four years. You will be required to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, which is a prerequisite towards pursuing various courses in university including dentistry. This article will explore the topic how to become a dentist. Read on.

To pursue dentistry at the university, you will be required to undertake a Dental Admission Test (DAT). This test is used to check if you have enough knowledge that is required to pursue this profession. The score attained in this test will be used with your other grades for application into the university. At the dental school, you will study for four years. First two years will involve classroom environment. You will go for lectures, doing studies and examinations. Most of your course work is scientific and it will involve clinical studies. The other two years involve actual real life experiences. You will treat patients but under supervision. It will involve plenty of practical experience, which is actually the best way of learning and hence becoming a dentist. Your supervisors expect to see you put into practice what you have learned in the classroom.

Once you finish your university studies, you will require a license that gives you permission to practice your dentistry legally. To get this license, you must pass an oral and written exam, and then you can start your dental work. New dentists prefer working with already established dentists until the time they feel confident to go on their own. To become a dentist, you must be dedicated. It involves many years of study and practical applications. This profession is very rewarding if you are committed to your work.

PeteA Successful Career in Dentistry