A Twin Platform Bed Can Grow with Your Child

If you’re looking for a solution that will provide function and style as your child grows, a twin platform bed may be the best option.  Plenty of styles are offered, regardless of the decor of the room.  Many will be able to change as the child gets older and his or her tastes in design change.

Many styles are available for this type of furniture.  There are basic models that resemble simple boxes.  For a contemporary look, they can be painted in a variety of colors or purchased in one of several finished.  The simplest models are priced under $100.  The advantage of this type of furniture is that there is no need to purchase a box spring.

Using a base frame also eliminates the sometimes frustrating task of assembling a metal frame and attaching it to a headboard.  Of course, a headboard can still be used with this.  Some are available with the headboard as well. Beyond the basic frame, there are models with a few large drawers for storage.  Units with several drawers are also made, so that toys can be stored now, while CDs, books, or other hobby items can be neatly stowed away in later years.

The flexibility of this unit is a great advantage, in terms of saving money on new furniture down the road.  It may even be able to go off to college with your child.  There is no need for a dust ruffle, as the frames rest on the floor.  This is great for eliminating dust and helping provide a cleaner environment.

For those who prefer the frame up off the floor, there are wood and steel models that provide plenty of support for the mattress.  Regardless of the style, it can provide a solution that will go with a variety of designs and preferences.  A twin platform bed frame is also a great option for the extra bedroom or den.

PeteA Twin Platform Bed Can Grow with Your Child