A Unique Look Into The History Of The Hoodie

A hoodie is a sweater that is manufactured for the upper body. It has a distinctive attached hood that is designed to provide warmth to the head. It also has two large pockets in the front and a convenient drawstring to make adjustments to the opening of the hood.

The origin of this unique sweater goes back to the middle ages. Catholic Monks are given credit for being the first ones to wear a form of a hoodie. Hoodies went through a revolutionary change when Champion began making a version they felt were going to be accepted by people who were interested in being fashionable. Champion became a trendsetter as other designers began to make a collection line of their own.

The birth of hip hop in the early eighties led to creative and innovative styles and designs in the urban world. Participants of the hip hop lifestyle adopted hoodies as part of their flair for fashion. Breakdancers and graffiti artists were notorious for spray painting designs upon the back of their hoodies. This gave the garment a tremendous boost in popularity in the late eighties.

Hoodies began to loose their steam in the nineties. The fashion world began to focus upon other trending accessories. Jeans were the hot item for that entire decade.

Hip Hop and Pop artists gave the zip up hoodie a new life as they began to wear them in concerts and in their music videos. It was not unusual to turn to MTV and witness a music artist wearing one. Divine followers of music caught on and began to wear them as well.

Hoodies are now favorable with people from all walks of life. You now see people throwing on their hoodie before going out to work or to various social events. Senior citizens, athletes, and teenagers enjoy putting one. This special sweat top that has persevered and endured throughout time!

PeteA Unique Look Into The History Of The Hoodie