About Kramer Guitars

One of the most popular guitars back from the 1970s to the 1980s was the Kramer guitar.  The founders were Dennis Beradi, Peter LaPlaca, Gary Kramer, and Henry Vaccaro and they made history by manufacturing electric guitars and basses.  The Kramer guitar is well known as one of the guitar brands that catered to hard rock musicians and is a part or division of Gibson Corporation up to the present day.  It was a best-selling guitar brand back in 1985 and was recognized as a high quality and prestigious instrument by popular musicians like Eddie Van Halen, Jennifer Batten, and Vivian Campbell.

What was so interesting about the Kramer guitar is the transition from aluminum-necked guitars to wooden-necked guitars.  The first version was the aluminum neck, which you can easily identify with the fretboard made of Ebonol, the aluminum dots, and the zero fret, which is made of Petillo fretwire.  But after a few years, Kramer decided to go beyond aluminum and went to try wooden inserts in the aluminum necks.

The first versions of the wooden-necked Kramer guitar was released in late 1981, but received an order from Fender due to violations of Fender’s US trademark and design patent.  Apparently, Kramer’s instruments followed the Stratocaster headstock shape of Fender, and that led to him receiving a cease and desist order from the company in May 1981.  But despite all the hardships and trials, the Kramer guitar remains to be one of the best and the most prized brands that any guitar enthusiast could get his or her hands on.

My first guitar happened to be a Kramer.  That red electric guitar did a lot for me over the years and I ended up playing it for the first ten years that I played, from beginner rock guitar lessons and beyond.  I have to say that I am really happy with Kramer guitars because of this.

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