About Reducing Cellulite

Surgery is almost the only way to remove cellulite from the body, but the bumpy appearance of it can be minimized. Some of the actions that can be taken for reducing cellulite include prevention, diet changes and skin care. The look of wrinkles will also be reduced by taking these measures.

How to Prevent Cellulite

All people, women more frequently than men, have cellulite under the surface of their skin and it is an everyday part of life. Experts at the Mayo Clinic say that only twenty percent of women who remain at a healthy body weight will not see cellulite on their body. If a famine were to occur, cellulite would help save the body from starvation. Regardless of how helpful it would be in an emergency, fashion dictates that it is very unattractive. Cellulite is made of fat, so a proper diet that is low in fat will help control it. The appearance of cellulite is also reduced when smoking tobacco is given up and exercise is increased.

It is also accepted by the folks at the Mayo Clinic the birth control pills may invite cellulite to form. An abundance of daily stress encourages the bad habits like smoking and poor eating choices which causes cellulite to form and wrinkles as well.

After it Appears

Short of having surgery to reduce cellulite, a few things can be done right in the home. Body cream is sold in most boutiques specifically for this purpose. If the affected skin is massaged at the same time the cream is used, the skin can begin to look smoother. Too much sunbathing causes the skin to wrinkle, in turn exaggerating the appearance of the cellulite.

A procedure using lasers and radiofrequency will reduce the cellulite’s appearance for up to six months, according the the Mayo Clinic. These treatments must be repeated indefinitely to keep up the new look.

Put It All Together

Eight out of ten women have cellulite somewhere on their body, and they live happy and productive lives with it. Keeping that in perspective and using some of the techniques outlined here can make quite a difference in how it looks.

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