About the Pool Thermometer

Do you have a swimming pool at home or if not are you planning to have one? To have a swimming pool is a great experience for the whole family. To be able to enjoy the pool the whole year through, you have to maintain the right pool temperature and using a pool thermometer will enable you to monitor the temperature of the water.

There are a lot of pool heaters available in the market to keep pool waters warm even in spring and fall, but do you know the right pool temperature? Water that is too cool does not really ruin a pool party but too warm water is not that comfortable either. That is why most pool owners want to know the exact temperature of their pool water.

This is where the pool thermometer comes in handy. Depending on the season you certainly want your water colder during summer season and you can still use your pool till spring or fall granted that your pool water is warm enough for comfort. There are various pool thermometers in the market today but there are two major kinds of pool thermometers – the analog and digital thermometers.

Analog thermometers are classified into two and these are the hanging and floating thermometers. Hanging thermometer is much preferred by many since it gives a much accurate temperature. Readings are done inches or even feet below the water surface. Floating thermometers are very attractive since it comes in various animal designs, it’s very colorful thus kids love it.

Digital pool thermometers accurately measure your pool water temperature but digital thermometers might not last that long than analog thermometers. Another kind of digital thermometer is the floating type thermometer which has an indoor sensor. It is the most modern device in pool thermometer available today in the market.

You don’t have to go out to check on your pool temperature since it has a wireless indoor display. In fact it shows more than the pool temperature but it also shows time, indoor temperature and more. This floating digital thermometer operates in battery and the remote function has range of 100 to 300 feet.

Indeed pool thermometer can make sure that the temperature of the water is just right for you. These are really important accessories especially with pools that have heaters. It keeps tracks of the temperature of the water. You have lots of brand to choose from, one that would best fits your need.

PeteAbout the Pool Thermometer