Acoustic Blankets: 101

If you think an acoustic blanket is an actual blanket, then think again. In this article, we shall tell you exactly what this particular kind of blanket is really used for. Sometimes some work areas tend to get a little noisy – take for example construction sites, or even certain businesses that require high sound levels. Think of a restaurant kitchen where there is a lot of hustle and bustle, where dish names are being shouted out and stacks of plates are being dropped. Well, obviously the owner or proprietor of the business would want the sound levels to be blocked out, that is where the acoustic blanket comes in – it stops the sound from traveling out of from that particular room.

An acoustic blanket thus makes life much easier for us. For example, some industries often have to do really loud sound testing – that is where sound insulation is much needed. You might take the case of the auto industry – auto test areas tend to get really noisy, but the actual offices are kept quiet due to the acoustic blanket. The music industry, too, makes use of this kind of sound protection – with sound proof glassing and acoustic tiling.

Yes, acoustic soundproofing is much required. If you think about the case of the music industry – you might consider many rooms being built next to each other, but the people recording in one room would obviously not want to be distracted by what is going on in another room. That is why the acoustic blanket makes it seem like they are completely shut off. It makes life a blessing because we don’t have to put up with unnecessary or unwanted noise which would otherwise prove a distraction. It not only prevents the mixing of noises, it protects us from being irritated by high noise levels.

PeteAcoustic Blankets: 101