Add Storage Capacity to a Round Kitchen Table

A kitchen can be a cluttered up mess when you don’t have enough storage space for all of your stuff. A good cook, or a good homemaker for that matter, is going to have a ton of dishes stashed away in cabinets, expensive China that hardly ever gets used, the everyday silverware, and all of the food you can eat for about two weeks. When you start to add things up you see just how much junk people really have in their lives and when it isn’t organized properly, or stuffed into too small of a space, it can become cumbersome and terrible.

Luckily, furniture manufacturers have seen your plight (or experienced it themselves) and are building new pieces of furniture to help you out with your troubles. One of the newest trends in kitchen furniture revolves around the adaptation of the round kitchen table. Some carpenter, or maybe just some busy-body college student, decided it would be a good idea to add drawers and cabinets to the underbelly of his large round wood kitchen table and now it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Who doesn’t want a little more storage space in their kitchens though, when you think about it? Even if you are getting by perfectly fine with the cabinets, drawers, and closets already built into your kitchen you could still use the drawers and shelves built into a table to store things like napkins, silverware, and wine that you would use during a meal.

One of the biggest benefits to having drawers in your table is the ability to fetch things during dinnertime without ever leaving your seat. Now instead of getting up for that corkscrew or getting up to replace that dropped knife you can simply push your chair back, open a drawer, and viola, you’ve got what you want. The more people coming up with innovative round kitchen table ideas the better because it makes your life easier.

PeteAdd Storage Capacity to a Round Kitchen Table