Adding a Carousel Spice Rack to Your Kitchen

The following is a guest post from Heather at Kitchen Spice Racks.

Every person’s kitchen design, available space and size are all different, but there are things that most kitchens just need to have.  A microwave, a sink, a refrigerator, and a dish washer are all common elements.  Then when you add toasters and blenders, etc, the space in the kitchen can start to become a little bit cramped and there’s still more things that you would like to add to the kitchen.  One of those things that most people want to have are a spice rack.

Spices are an essential part of cooking and having many different spices available to be able to grab whenever it is needed is an important thing to be able to have.  there are many different kinds of spice racks that are available.  There are wooden spice racks, there are magnetic spice racks, there are also hanging and cabinet spice racks.  Each of these server their own different purposes, but my favorite style out of all of them is the carousel spice rack.

The good thing about a carousel spice rack is that they can store a bunch of different spices in a small, compact space.  And, since the spice rack is built on a turntable/carousel you can spin it around for easier access without taking up much counter space at all.

Within the category of carousel spice racks there are many different kinds.  For the more modern kitchen, you can find that carousel spice rack that is made out of stainless steel if you would like it to match your other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen.  Another kind is a wooden carousel spice rack.  Wooden pieces provide the perfect accent not matter what style of kitchen you have.

If you are low on space in your kitchen but you would like to have many different spices at your fingertips, then why not try carousel spice racks?

PeteAdding a Carousel Spice Rack to Your Kitchen