Adding Sales to your Bar Business – Invest in A Smoothie Maker

When running a successful bar there seems as though there is a never ending list of kitchen equipment which you could buy in an attempt to increase your profit margins. Some of the more obtuse items that salespersons will try to convince you on could be candy floss makers, nut dispensers, and so on. But there is one item that every successful bar should have – a smoothie maker. These machines give a bar a lot more variety when it comes to serving drinks to customers, with a wide range of cocktails, milkshakes and juices at your fingertips, and the potential for high profit margins for your bar business.

Commercial smoothie makers are generally better known as bar blenders, since there is really not that much difference between the two. In home and residential models there can be a slight difference but most business models have the same features such as a spout and measurements on the side making to the machines different in name only.

When buying a bar blender you will want to get one that can easily cut up ice cubs so that you have access to the widest range of cocktails possible. Cheaper models can only cut through crushed ice, so it is well worth spending a little bit more when it comes to purchase time. In addition, smoothie makers that have automatic  programs are ideal for a busy bar, since the bar staff can press a button and let it automatically prepare the drink mix while the serve customers.

Smoothie makers are not the cheapest of items, but they are well worth their cost due to their huge versatility when it comes to drink and food preparation. You could add many items to your menu that could attract more customers, leaving you with more money in your pocket!

PeteAdding Sales to your Bar Business – Invest in A Smoothie Maker