Affordable 9ct Gold Wedding Rings and Other Bridal Jewelry

The reason why 9ct gold wedding rings are so affordable is because they only contain a little over 37% gold. Compare that to 14k that is over 58% and 18k that’s 75%. Remember that pure gold is 24k.

What’s a Reasonable Price to Pay for 9ct Gold Wedding Rings?

About £9 per gram. That means that you need to check the weight of the ring, without gems, and calculate the price for the gold, then decide what’s reasonable to add as a markup and the cost of the crafting or workmanship involved. Then you need to calculate how much the diamonds are worth or if there are other gemstones in the piece that will determine the price. If a ring contains about 6 grams of metal, that means that a basic ring should cost under £60, naturally you must count the workmanship and design, especially if it has been etched, polished, or detailed even in the smallest way.

If there are gems in the gold wedding ring, and let’s say they’re worth about £150, and we add £25 for workmanship. You should be able to get a design that’s basic with a little diamond sparkle for under £240.

Here are some examples:

1. A plain wedding band in 9ct gold from H.Samuel costs about £140

2. Argos has 9ct gold bands and engagement rings starting at around £70, going up to about £300 for diamond sets

3. 9ct white gold wedding bands for men start at around £70 and go to £100, and can include a small chip diamond accent

Other Bridal Jewelry – Like A 9ct Pearl Brooch From Earnest Jones

In keeping with affordable wedding items, I found something really fun in a collection called Sea Mist by Earnest Jones. It’s a 9ct pearl brooch that would be lovely as bridal accent and costs just £99, and in the same collection is a cultured pearl pendant on a delicate 9ct gold chain for just £50. It’s really affordable to accessorize a bridal outfit when you choose items in lower than 14k gold.

PeteAffordable 9ct Gold Wedding Rings and Other Bridal Jewelry