Affordable, Cheap Security Cameras Can Provide Peace Of Mind

People rely on a lot of security measures to give them protection and security from would-be intruders. A common choice is installing security cameras.

However, with the current problems with our economy, people will attempt to look for cheaper alternatives but still provide the same protection. There are two ways I can come up with that can provide you the protection cameras can provide or the surveillance that you need.

Research has shown that the visible presence of a camera can deter criminals and reduce potential for crime to occur by 85%. If you want this effect but won’t actually need to record video feeds, then you can consider buying fake security cameras.

Fake security cameras look like real cameras and are installed for the purpose of deceiving, making people think that the area is currently being monitored. They even come with a blinking LED that gives an idea to unsuspecting people that the camera is currently turned on. No one will know if it’s fake or not, except yourself or if you tell other people about it. However, it does not provide real security. The amount of money you could save would be at least $50 since these cameras cost at least $15.

Another great way to save money and still be able to provide surveillance is to use a common webcam and connect it to your desktop PC. You can continuously record the feed or use a time-lapse software that programs your webcam to take a picture every 15-30 seconds and compiles them on your hard drive. Webcams cost as low as $10, a great way to cut down on costs.

Superior methods of protection and security come at a price. Do not hesitate to spend your money to protect your property. In the long run, your security measures will pay for themselves.

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PeteAffordable, Cheap Security Cameras Can Provide Peace Of Mind