All About Banner Stands

Banner stands are a great form of advertising and get noticed by potential customers. Any advertising expert will tell you that any form of visual advertising captures the eye as well as the mind of all potential customers. No doubt you have seen how visual advertising guides customers through retail stores, pharmacies and various other types of retail stores. This type of advertising helps you to create a sort of mini campaign throughout your entire store. If you have a booth at a trade show you can create interest in your ideas or products using this form of advertising.

This form of banner advertising can be used to display presentations or printed banners. The easel effect easily advertises special sales, offers, specific products and new ideas to anyone passing by. There are a wide variety of sizes and styles that fit the needs of any retail and can even be used as permanent displays or for portable use.

There are several different styles of stands used for banner advertising. It’s recommended that you shop within your price range and your advertising needs to ensure you get the most advertising for your money.

There are also retractable stands which make banner stands rollup. They easily fold or retract and can be easily expanded whenever you are ready to display your ad. These stands are very compact which makes traveling with them very convenient. This is the perfect advertising solution for traveling salespeople as well as those attending trade shows. Many retractable banners are spring loaded which the higher end stands do not have. Either type of retractable stand can expand to the size of a window shade and be attached to a supporting pole. Two poles can also be used if your stand is extra wide. There are also telescopic stands, which can be adjusted to fit any height. There are great for tabletop display when you have a smaller floor space. There are several different widths of retractable stands ranging from 19 inches to 72 inches in width. There are also stands that can stand up to ten feet tall.

If you are looking for portable stands to manually attach a banner then you may want to consider portable stands, which have a support that is crossed, shaped, also known as X stands. These can be used for either in store displays or trade shows. If you are looking to have banner advertising permantely displayed you may want to consider a retail stand. Retail stands have a heavier base that allows them to be used for permanent banner advertising.

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