All about electric heaters

Electric heaters are an option to help you heat your house in the winter. Although most houses come equipped with central heating systems, there are some houses that do not have installed heaters. This might be because the climate is not really that cold, but only gets a little chilly in the winter time. For older folks who can not handle the cold as well, electric space heaters might be a good option.

Electric space heaters come in different shapes, sizes and forms for different uses. For your information we will discuss a few different types of portable electric heaters and their common uses.

1. Steel coil electric blow heaters. These heaters use a steel coil that is heated by electricity to provide heat to a small area. A fan in the back of the small heater blows air onto the heated coil causing hot air to be literally blown in to the room. Although these heaters are quick to heat up and cheap, also with these heaters often comes a lack moisture in the air which can cause sore throats and coughing.

2. Halogen heaters. A halogen heater is heated by the use of a large halogen bulb that generates heat. Like blow heaters, some of these kinds of heaters have fans that blow out hot air. Although the problem of dry air is not as bad as it is in steel coil heaters, it is still somewhat a problem.

3. Oil radiator heaters. This kind of heater generates its heat by passing oil through the radiator-like panels of the heater. With the oil slowly passing through the panels and gaining temperature, the heater starts radiating heat and warming the room. This one takes quite a while to heat up and is also considerably more expensive than the other types, however the problem of dry air is completely solved.

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