Allergy and Peoples

Whenever I think over the last century I see the healthiness and happiness of the peoples and the comfort they had in the life without the facilities they had. It’s off course all about the human satisfaction and the thinking powers. Before the medical advancements we have the death rate was much higher than today, thousands of people died due to many diseases like plague, malaria and many more diseases for which we didn’t have medicines. Still the peoples were happy and healthier than we find people around us today, which keeps complain about every single allergy cough they have.

The main thing we can see for their healthiness is as follows,

1)      The food they eat was pure nutrition oriented. They didn’t eat and junk food we have today.

2)      The food they eat was earned, earned in the sense they worked hard each day to get food and exercise is a must for keeping the body healthy.

3)      The pollution in atmosphere was very less than today, pollutions have a great effect on human health and in the bad ways.

The all things make us to think that we are in very bad health issues for the current times, but fortunately we have better medicinal equipments and with a little change in our daily habits we can get back to a healthier life. Following are few advices you can follow to make small changes in your life,

1)      10 minutes walk a day is must for each one of us; it will keep many disease like blood pressure away from you.

2)      Try to know your body physiology and adjust your food accordingly. A small change in food towards good will make a lot difference to you.

Few changes in the lifestyle will be doing a good impact on our health; it is like a step towards the good life.

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