Alleviate Baldness With Hair Plugs

Hair plugs can alleviate baldness. So if you want to put an end now to your balding issues you can choose hair plugs for men now or you can keep on reading so that you will know why this is a very effective hair restoration treatment for a bald spot or receding hair line. Hair plugs can give you what you really need unlike other hair restoration treatments that give you false promises. With hair plugs your hair will grow again in all those thin spots..

The majority of hair loss cases are caused by the genetically inherited condition called Androgenic Alopecia which is the medical term for male pattern baldness. Hair loss happens because of DHT, which is a hormonal metabolite found naturally in our body. DHT is the one substance responsible for hair fall and eventually hair loss of a man because it attacks the follicles by interrupting the natural flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair. Because of this, the follicles cannot continue with the production of keratin which is the material needed for the creation of hair shafts. The hair shafts shrink until they become like the “peach fuzz” that is seen on bald men. At this stage, most hair follicles are already dormant and are incapable of growing hair.

One good thing about this male condition, and what makes the hair plug procedure effective, is the fact that DHT ignores the hair located at the posterior area of the scalp. Because of this, the hair restoration surgeon can remove hair from this particular area and then use them as implants to the balding area where they will become replacements for the already dormant follicles. These implants are what we know as hair plugs because, in history, with the old method the doctor had to remove round plugs from one’s scalp that were then inserted into an incision made by the surgeon in the bald spot.

This technique has been refined and perfected today so the individual hair follicles and the rest of the supporting structures can be removed and inserted one by one using a special medical tool. There is no need to cut or sew. The only wounds are small and pin prick like on the donor area and there are no sutures to the recipient area. As a result, a patient can have the procedure in an afternoon session and leave the clinic without the need to have bandages around his head.

PeteAlleviate Baldness With Hair Plugs