Alternatives to Liposuction Surgery

Several alternatives are available to patients who desire the instant fat reduction results of liposuction without having to go through the surgical procedure. These non surgical liposuction treatments offer a minimally invasive way to remove pockets of fat from areas of the body where it can be difficult to reach with exercise and dieting. It is a way to sculpt a particular area of the body to a degree of detail that is unparallel to any other treatment. There are several methods to do this without surgery.

The first method uses a needle to inject a chemical solution into the area that the patient desires to have treated. In the United States the popular treatment is known as lipodissolve while in many parts of South America and Europe the technique used is Mesotherapy. Both employ the same principle of injecting a chemical that is formulated specifically to target fat cells and dissolve the fat tissue by breaking the bonds that hold together the molecular structure.

Once the fat has been dissolved into a liquefied fatty substance it is in such trace amounts that the body can pick it up and remove it as bodily waste. This eliminates the need for an incision to drain or suck the fat from the area. It causes almost no harm to the surrounding tissue so recovery is easy and painless. The side effects are few and the most common complications arise from allergic reactions to the injection solution. That is further reduced by a thorough analysis of the patient before the treatment is administered.

Another method is the use of thermal energy to literally melt fat. This is probably the most noninvasive procedure possible since the treatment uses a device that transmits the laser heat harmlessly through the skin to target the fat cells. There is no needle to puncture the since making it truly noninvasive. The melted fat is also removed naturally by the body.

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