Alternatives to the Willow Tree Collection

A collection starts with only one piece. Whether it was a gift or the purchase of an item that caught our eye and ‘said’ the right thing for that moment in time. We want to give the perfect gift that says the perfect thing to express our thoughts to that special person. The Willow Tree Collection is a unique way of expressing wishes for the occasion at hand, and is a pleasant accent piece for the home or office. If several pieces are purchased or received, they can be passed though the generations. I know my paternal grandmother had a collection of Occupied Japan figurines, beautifully hand painted. My maternal grandmother had a collection of McCoys and Depression Glass. My own mother has her collection of salt and pepper shakers. It is so intriguing to me how these ladies can take each piece and tell you who gave it to them, what the circumstances of that day were and always bring a smile to their faces.

Modern day collectibles, such as Precious Moments and Willow Tree figurines, have the potential to become those heirlooms just as the pieces our grandmothers picked up at the Five and Dime so long ago. So the next time you are searching for that perfect gift, that says that perfect thing to that special person keep in mind that it may some day become a perfect memory and a perfect story for a grandparent to pass on to a grandchild, with a gleam in the eyes and a smile on the face. And while you are out searching, maybe, just maybe, you will purchase that piece for yourself that ‘says’ the right thing for that moment in time and it will become your own memory and moment to share in your future with that special child, with a smile on your face and a gleam in your eyes.

PeteAlternatives to the Willow Tree Collection