An ode to the marshmallow gun

For those that aren’t aware of what a marshmallow gun is or why someone would be so infatuated with it as to write an article, please continue reading.  For those that already have an appreciation for what a marshmallow gun is and have used it, all the better.  I’d love to hear if you have the same love affair with it that I do.

Born out of a simple concept to propel a marshmallow with simply the use of your lungs, marshmallow guns are a modern day toy that allows for hours of fun and no chance of injury.  On top of that, it utilizes one of the great confections known to man, the marshmallow.  Who doesn’t have a story from their childhood where you ate an entire bag?

With a marshmallow gun you get the best of both worlds.  First and foremost you get the enjoyment of munching on a few marshmallows while you are out playing.  On top of that you get a gun that is able to shoot a decent distance and involves no likelihood of injury.  Who can’t be hit with a marshmallow and laugh.

On top of all these things it should be noted that these contraptions are inexpensive and last a lifetime.  Rarely will you find these two things together.  Made of PVC tubing, they quickly assemble and disassemble and due to their rigidity they are very able to handle the abuse of the everyday toy.

Easily made by yourself if you are so inclined, a marshmallow gun doesn’t need to break the bank.  Or if you would prefer you can do a quick Google search to find many reputable places to purchase online for rock bottom prices.  Feel free to do your own marshmallow gun experiment and find out what works for you.

So find your family and friends, head to the local park with a bag of mini marshmallows and marshmallow guns in tote and have yourself a marshmallow world war III.  Not only will you have a blast, you will also have a quick snack that everyone enjoys!

PeteAn ode to the marshmallow gun