An Online Risk Strategy Guide

The Risk strategy game is a popular board game where players compete with each other for world domination. A game of Risk is played between two to six people, who each have their own armies and territories. The object of the game is to drive out your opponents from their territories until you have eradicated their forces. When the game starts you choose territories, with the person who has the highest roll of the dice choosing first. Players select how many soldiers to send into an enemy territory, and then dice rolls are used to decide the outcome of the battle. The chances of a victory increase with a larger amount of troops, but this may in turn leave your territory vulnerable.

Finding the right balance between defense and attack is essential. You can delve into advanced tactics with a Risk strategy guide that will help you understand the nuances of the game, and perhaps give you an edge over your friends.

Online Risk has become popular in recent years. There are many ways to play Risk online, whether it is against virtual or human opponents. Alternatively, you could get a Risk download which will allow you to practice on your home computer before you play a Risk game online.

Visiting will give you access to many resources which will help you play a Risk game online for free. It is a lengthy and complicated game so playing online will give you plenty of experience which you can then use to defeat your friends. Or, if you are separated from other Risk aficionados you can keep your instincts sharp by engaging other human players online. The world of Risk has expanded so serious players and novices have access to a wealth of strategy and combatants from around the world.

PeteAn Online Risk Strategy Guide