An Open Heart Necklace

If you’re looking for a way to express your love for another person with a gift, the perfect option is an item of heart jewelry.  And an open heart necklace brings together all of the best attributes of heart jewelry – elegance, the right message and a “fit” for social occasions of all types such as formal, business and informal.  That makes it a favorite for many, so here are tips and some pieces of background information for those considering the purchase of heart jewelry in general (or an open heart necklace in particular):

  • Heart shaped jewelry is traditionally linked to love so you can find many reasons for giving it – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and “just because” being a few!
  • There are many variations of heart shaped jewelry, both in terms of style and the type of jewelry item – so it is easy for the recipient (or the giver) to add to their collection later on and match the pieces in a complementary way.   Traditional items of heart jewelry that fit the bill are heart charm bracelets, heart brooches and heart earrings.
  • Some pieces are expensive (for example, a diamond heart pendant) but you can find a large selection of heart jewelry items which can be far easier on the bank account or credit card, such as sterling silver or white gold necklaces.  In particular, open heart necklaces are available at very reasonable prices.
  • Heart necklaces can be purchased in several precious metals, including yellow and white gold or sterling silver and can be set with genuine or artificial gemstones. Since the options are so diverse, you’re certain to manage to find the ideal heart jewelry gift for a loved one.
  • One celebration where heart design jewelry is most suited is a wedding anniversary. It’s a treat which will show your wife how much you really care. Take note of whether she generally wears silver or white gold or if perhaps she prefers classic yellow gold. A little detective work beforehand can ensure you find the perfect heart shaped jewelry gift.
  • Antique jewelry can be an outstanding investment and a piece of antique heart jewelry is a wonderful gift for somebody special. With the price of gold at an all time high currently, sales of used and old gold jewelry may offer a better value – maybe as much as a third cheaper over a comparable item brand-new. In addition, the quality of an antique jewelry item is frequently much better than its modern counterpart (except for diamond jewelry, perhaps, as current diamond cutting techniques are far better than they were a century ago).
  • An open heart necklace in particular tells the recipient that you have strong feelings of love for her.  If you find it difficult to express your emotions, this may be the ideal gift for you to deliver to make your thoughts clear.

So the next time you’re looking for that perfect gift – take a look at an open heart necklace and make the lady in your life feel an extra special glow of delight.

PeteAn Open Heart Necklace