Are Artificial Hair Implants Safe

Back in the 1980’s there was a big push for people to treat their baldness with a new form of hair implants which were cheaper than the traditional method.  The accepted procedure for hair implanting first involved the removal of a strip of scalp from an area of scalp with good hair growth.  Next, each individual hair follicle would be removed from the patch of scalp and then implanted into the bald area.  This was very time consuming and costly.  The new method developed in the 80’s involved grafting artificial hair implants into the scalp where the patient was experiencing a loss of hair.

This procedure was only allowed in the US for a short time before it was outlawed.  The reason was the high level of infection cases that resulted from the man made fibers being implanted into the skin.  Normal body grafts are usually incorporated into the body with scarring which seals the boundary preventing germs and bacteria from entering the body.  Since the artificial hair is not living tissues it can not be connected with scarring and thus there was always a pathway fro pathogens to enter the skin barrier.

Many of these procedures were for women because they usually don’t have a good harvest area due to the nature of their hair loss.  Instead of having bald spots, a woman will usually lose hair over the entire head.  It was thought that the artificial grafts would work well as hair implants for women but that was not the case.

This procedure can still be obtained in a few countries in Europe and it is popular in India where the prevalence of baldness is fairly pronounced.  The same problems are arising any where this procedure is performed though, so, hopefully, it will be outlawed in these countries also.

I would suggest you buy a toupee before you go to the expense of artificial hair implants that are going to cause you problems.

PeteAre Artificial Hair Implants Safe