Asking Yourself How to Grow a Garden?

If you are wondering how to grow a garden there are many considerations you will need to make. If you have an enormous rambling garden it goes without saying that it will differ greatly in design and planning from a small balcony or window box, but you can still have a garden of sorts no matter how small your outdoor space is.

The secret is of course in the planning. A large garden will need to be cut up (not literally, but figuratively) into smaller sections with each section having a design of its own. You may want a patio or decking area or a wild flower area where nature can celebrate its untouched splendour. Only you will know what is best for your personality or lifestyle. Remember gardens do need maintenance so if the job in hand is large or small, do some research, get advice from friends and family or if you have the available budget get in the professionals to assist you.

You may want to grow vegetables or fruit to make jam, perhaps apple or plum trees but you could be a fan of flowers. Garden decor needs to be thought about well in advance and you need to know what goes in the shade and what can withstand full sun. The type of soil you have locally will impact many of your planting decisions. Do you want a rambling lawn with flower borders? Are you a fan of shrubs and bushes or maybe you would like a privet hedge? The decisions go on and on, usually it is best to start small and each year your garden will grow and delight you. Remember to plant your bulbs in the autumn to enjoy the wonderful prospect of snowdrops and crocus then daffodils followed by tulips and the endless list goes on all through the summer.

PeteAsking Yourself How to Grow a Garden?