Assess Your Home Energy Consumption

Solar power homes are kind of hot and up and coming.  They have been coming for a decade but do to the difficulty in recouping the cost of the conversion there were only a handful of people who made a change to get solar power for their home.  Now the beauty of it is that you can still convert at any time, it’s cheaper then ever and you can also figure out what you would need to have in place on your own to help the process along.

You will need to know your starting point to assess how to move forward.  Your starting point is how much energy you current use and need.  This is easy enough as you likely make a payment to an energy company currently, which will provide you with the info that you need.  You will need how much your average bill is in dollars, what the kWh used was and then the cost per kWh.  If the cost per kWh is not included then you can calculate this with what you already have.  If you need to calculate it out just take what you total bill cost and divide by the amount of energy consumed. Then you will know what you present day per kWh cost is to compare to other things.

The next step is to look at is the appliances and tools in your home.  You really will want to know what is consuming the most energy and what the alternatives are for it.  You can guess that anything really big or really old may be a culprit for this.  Do an assessment on each of these items to see where you can either change them out, update them or trade them in.  You need to know this to make a clear assessment.  You may be able to find other options too.  Like a dish drying rack or hand drying your clothes.  Either way you can get clear on where you stand now.

To calculate out what each appliance is using you will need to estimate the number of hours it is used per month.  Then you need to know what its watts per hour is combined with the cost per hour that you currently pay.  This is where the details start to come together.  For example if you have a 100 watt light bulb running for 10 hours a day every day of the month that is 300 hours at 100 watts totaling 30,000 watts or 30 kilowatts.  Now all you need do is multiply by the rate of your current provider to know what that appliances costs you now.

If all of these calculations are a little bit too much then you can consider getting one of the top green companies out to do an assessment on your home for you.  They will be a big help in getting you clear about what you need.

PeteAssess Your Home Energy Consumption