Baby Proof Your Whole Home Not Just The Obvious Bits

When people talk about baby proofing their home they usually only think about the stairs and the electrical sockets. These are both important areas and far to many children are injured when they fall down unprotected stairs or put a knife they just dragged off the dinner table into a power socket.

It is important when you start baby proofing your home that you look for hidden dangers. One thing that parents often forget is the blinds on their windows. It is not the blinds themselves which are the problem, it is the strings that are used to open or close the blinds which present the danger. If your blinds have strings which hang down then you should tie them up into a knot and put them far above anywhere that your toddler could possibly reach.

Another item that is often forgotten is the bookcases that almost every home has. You may use these to store videos or DVD’s in. Some children will not pay these shelving units any notice but by nature babies and toddlers are inquisitive. That means that they want to reach up to the top shelf if they can and if they have to climb on one of the lower shelves to get there, well they don’t realize the danger.

If a book shelf falls over onto a toddler or baby the results will be far from pleasant. The best way to avoid this is to either put the bookcase into storage until the child is older or use straps to secure it to the wall. You can buy earthquake straps from just about any DIY store, they generally have one end that is screwed into the wall (make sure it goes into wood not drywall) and the other end is attached to the top of the bookcase.

This is a very cheap and effective way of baby proofing your bookcases, it also has the benefit of making sure they will stay in place during an earthquake.

PeteBaby Proof Your Whole Home Not Just The Obvious Bits