Balloon Wedding Centerpieces

Balloons usually do not make you think “wedding.” They are more commonly used as centerpieces for birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. So if you want balloon wedding centerpieces, they need to be done differently than ever before – no one, two,  or three balloons strung to a weight as a centerpiece … This is your wedding after all!

First of all, if you are going to do balloons – go big, or go home. Have each table looking as if it has its own “upper atmosphere” of balloons, like a cloud floating over each table. Keep them monotone though, you don’t want it looking like a circus! Make sure they are arranged correctly as well, you want a nice shape to the mass of balloons, a nice variety of heights. Also, experiment with a translucent balloon that is filled with confetti or glitter – these can be very fun to pop; a party in a balloon!

No matter how many balloons you choose to incorporate, make sure they are surrounded by a good amount of “weight” at the table, visually. Work them into some complimenting flower centerpieces at each table or have the balloon strings gather into a long-stem vase and surround the vase with candles of varied heights and sizes. Make sure there is another element at the table to occupy the eye and enhance the overall wedding atmosphere.

Remember, you want your balloon wedding centerpieces to sit well above eye level so that you do not block the view of your guests – you don’t want them fighting to talk to each other through your centerpiece. You could even braid all of the ribbons so you have a “stem” more or less to the balloons, instead of a forest of ribbons to look through. Lastly, maybe you could work balloons into the ceremony? They would make a nice release when you’re pronounced man and wife!

PeteBalloon Wedding Centerpieces