Bar, Shop and Restaurant Bottle Coolers

Bottle coolers are available from many suppliers of restaurant and ship equipment, but there are so many different types that you should know the differences between them before thinking about investing in one for your shop. First you should think about what you want to sell – will it be bottled water, wine, or even Coca Cola? There are different types of coolers available that are designed to refrigerate each bottle.

Bottled Water Coolers

These types of coolers refrigerate bottles of water or bottles of juice, which typically come in 500ml bottles. They are quite tall units and the can store over 300 bottles or even more if the model is a really tall one. They are basically a massive refrigerator with a built in compressor and temperature control at the base of the unit. Some of the branded coolers have slanted shelves that grip the bottles half way up; when a bottle is taken out the bottles behind slide down so that you don’t have to continually arrange the bottles – they will always face out.

You can get these bottle coolers from large companies who will lease them out to you, sometimes for free, when you stock their product. Be careful if you do this however since it means that you will not be able to stock brands that compete with the supplier’s products – so if you have a Coca Cola cooler you will not be able to stock Pepsi for example.

Other features that these types of cooler may have are lockable doors, so you can secure the contents in quite periods, and they usually come with either sliding or swing out doors. The swing out doors versions require a little bit more space but they tend to be a little bit more reliable.

So when choosing a bottle cooler for your shop, think about the types available, what you need, and what stock you will be selling.

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