Baseball in Japan

The game of baseball is known as America’s Pastime because it has been played on American soil for so long and so many people love and follow the game that it is almost an obsession for many people in America.  Although Americans may claim it as their sport, baseball is played all around the world and people are just as crazy about it in some places.  One particular country where baseball has really gained popularity is in Japan.

1872 was the year that baseball was first introduced to Japan by a man by the name of Horace Wilson and the first team was created in 1878.  In the years that followed, Japanese baseball players continued to learn from their American counterparts and over time perfected the sport.  Today Japan has two baseball leagues called the Central League and the Pacific League which belong to The Professional Baseball Association.  Each league has six teams and the baseball season is eight months long.

In comparison the Major League Baseball in America, The Professional Baseball League plays by the same rules with the exception that tie games are allowed in the Japanese league.  Everything else is pretty much the same right down to the wearing turf shoes for baseball to help athletes keep their footing on the slippery and sometimes muddy playing grounds.

Both times since the tournament was created, Japan has won the World Baseball Classic.  This goes to show how dedicated the players are to their game and how they want that to be known all over.  Japanese baseball teams are quickly gaining a reputation as being hard to beat and teams around the world are starting to realize this every time an international tournament pairs them with them.  The fans are dedicated too with thousands attending games and supporting their favorite teams and some of them have even started amateur baseball teams around the country so that they too can enjoy playing the sport!

PeteBaseball in Japan