Basic Tips For Wedding Save The Date Magnets

Announcing your wedding by using wedding save the date magnets is an excellent way to get your invitees excited for your upcoming nuptials celebration. They work great because they end up on everyone’s refrigerators so they are seen quite frequently leading up to the wedding day.  They deliver an aspect of fun, which is always the best attitude to portray when it comes to a wedding.  Here are some basic tips to consider before making and sending out your wedding save the date magnets.

Tip 1: Make them about you!

Don’t bother with those wedding magnets sites out there.  You may find some designs that you like but more often than not, you will see a lot of generic fluff that will not fit with your style or personality.  Get a photo made of you, the soon to be bride and groom, and use that as the backdrop for your save the date.  Obviously, the funnier the photo the better, so think about your relationship, ask friends what kind of relationship you have, and ideas will flow.

Tip 2: Don’t get too wordy.

The photo will say so much, so do not try to be funny with a one-liner, unless it really adds to the overall humor of the save the date magnet.  Also, avoid listing the ceremony location, reception location, registry info and so on.  Leave them a little tease so they look forward to the formal invite.  You can list the city if you have folks from out of town as they may want to search for hotels and price them out, so you would be doing them a service.  Mainly, tell them to save the date!

Tip 3: Do not wait to send them out!

It doesn’t matter if you are 9 to 12 months away, mail them!  I plan my vacations a year in advance, so the more notice I get, the more likely I’ll attend.

PeteBasic Tips For Wedding Save The Date Magnets