Bear Spray: What’s the Story

There are two major facts involving bear attacks that would surprise many people.  The first is that bear attacks on humans are not only uncommon, they are outright incredibly rare considering how often a lot of people are in the same area as a lot of bears.  In fact, the average number of deaths every year from bear attack is less than 8.  The other fact that will surprise a lot of people is that studies done at BYU with assistance from the University of Alaska have shown conclusively, and without a doubt at all, that bear repellent spray is a better deterrent to bear attack than firearms.

The other fact worth noting whenever anyone goes into a panic about bears, is out of the less than 110 fatalities from 1990-2004, the far majority (as in almost 90%) of the victims were either extremely old, or extremely young.  Incredibly few average middle aged people have been killed by bears, although it does happen from time to time.  A good bear spray is a way to keep safe while enjoying the great outdoors, and it can help you keep the bears at bay.

There are many companies who produce bear mace for consumers, although the largest two by far are probably UDAP Bear Spray, and Guard Alaska bear defense spray.  Any type of pepper spray designed for bears can be extremely effective when used properly because a bear’s nose is thousands of times more sensitive than a human’s, making the ultra strong bear spray a living hell for a bear who gets hit by it.

The bear spray is often enough to completely turn the bear around and have it run off, but if it’s insistent and stands its ground while wiping its eyes and whining, the people who used the bear spray effectively still have a chance to escape uninjured.  Statistics analyzed at BYU showed that nearly half the time someone used a fire arm against a bear, they ended up injured.  But bear spray when used properly was successful a whopping 95% of the time.

PeteBear Spray: What’s the Story