Benifets of Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers come in all shapes and sizes, they are light, and resist the occasional slips and bumps during the trip through the post office. For an average of .20 per mailer, depending on how you buy your bulk bubble mailers, you can mail out on the cheap and save your customer money.

Now, not all bubble mailers are the same so you need to pay attention to the ones you get if you are running a business. There are bubble mailers designed for DVD’s and small books in mind, and there are bigger ones with bigger projects in mind. Typically you can find these online or your local retailer in the shipping aisle. Most of these will feel like air bubble packages, and others will look like regular envelopes with a small inner lining of bubbles. The big difference between the sizes is the amount you can fit, and costs, some are self sealing (a small penny saver) while others require tape. A popular generic mailer is the Kraft envelope bubble mailer, because they contain no distracting logos and allow you to promote your own company in place.

Bubble mailers have a downside of being only so resistant to the mailing process. A concentrated blow will damage what’s inside. So the items made to be shipped with these items require an already protected surface for the bubble mailer to soften the ride. It is not recommended to ship anything that is fragile.

People who want to buy bulk supplies can find various resources online and in stores. The savviest of investors typically buy bulk to save an outstanding amount per envelope (.20 compared to a store’s .75 per envelope). You can find such deals on eBay, or one of the many internet liquidating shipping supply shops and they have every one of the bubble mailer sizes you could ever want.

Bubble mailers are again, a cheap, lightweight and durable enough solution to protect your products with a good surface already. They come in all sizes to fit your need.

PeteBenifets of Bubble Mailers