Best DSi Accessories for Girls

When it comes to the Nintendo DSi there is a whole world of accessories that come designed specifically to enhance the capability of the DSi.  These DSi accessories are meant to protect your DSi, improve the functionality or both.  To that end, when searching for an accessory it is important to note which gender you are targeting this DSi to be used by.  For some it doesn’t matter, but for a large amount of accessories they can truly be customized greatly to account for a girl vs. a boy.  This article will attempt to distribute information in regards to what a girl would like to get out of her Nintendo DSi and which accessories are tailor made for that.

First off, one thing to consider is how can I best protect my DSi.  Untold numbers of handheld Nintendo game systems have gone by the way side due to rough treatment.  You wouldn’t want this to happen to yours, so make sure that you find a high quality DSi case for your unit.  To get it specifically designed for a girl look for a favorite colors.  The beauty of the cases is that they come in a rainbow of colors and are easily distinguishable because of it.  Pink is a staple among girls, but don’t forget to look into the pastels and different shades of blues and greens which are also fan favorites.

After that it is important to have a place to store your games.  Find a case that will hold your DSi for trips as well as centrally locate your games for quick reference and retention.  Again, choosing a color is a great way to customize this specific to a girl.  Finding a way to match this case with the case designed to be specifically for your girl will ensure that you have a great combination that any girl would love to have.

In closing, wading through the wide array of accessories available to today’s consumer can be difficult.  However, by fine tuning your selection to show the specific gender you can greatly reduce your options and make your buying decision easier.

PeteBest DSi Accessories for Girls