Big and Beautiful Women and the Plus Size Dating Scene

The plus size dating niche is one of the fastest growing dating niches on the internet.  I have found first tier online dating sites that cater to the plus size individual that started as far back as 1997, lived through the dot com bubble bursting, and are now thriving.  The success of these types of sites has fostered a proliferation of more and more websites and services that cater to this audience.

Originally these sites started by catering to men that are looking for what they call Big and Beautiful Women.   It is very encouraging that a whole sub-culture has grown around the concept that you can accept and be proud of yourself no matter if you do not fit the beauty stereotype promoted by the media and consumed by society.

Just like any other online dating endeavor there are dos and don’ts to using these services in the most useful way and getting the results you are hoping for. Your profile is important, how you write it, how you come across, that you have a picture etc. all important things.

If I had to pick the most important point to consider when dating online I would say that the key to having a good experience when using online dating sites is to be honest.  That means on your profile, in your pictures and in your interactions.

Plus sized individuals, because of society’s pressures might feel uncomfortable using real pictures on a regular online dating site; but you have to remember that on a plus size dating site everyone has ditched their culturally induced hypnosis and opened their eyes to reality.

Go ahead and open your heart and your mind, I guarantee that your chances of having a successful experience when dating online will significantly increase.  Go out there and have some fun!

PeteBig and Beautiful Women and the Plus Size Dating Scene