Bits and Pieces that Speak a Thousand Words

Do you know what advice is mostly given to anybody’s appearance to add style to their look? Do you know what makes any get up classy, chic, sophisticated, or simply elegant?

It is the accessories or the jewelry that make the fashion statement. While dresses, stylish tops and trendy bottoms all make up the look, it is the accessories and jewelry that add vogue and erase boredom in the look. They may be similar but not entirely the same given that accessories comprise of the items, may it be chunky and hippie pieces, used to adorn the body or to attach with the garment to add oomph to the outfit while jewelries are usually referred to as classy pieces of physical adornment such as bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings, bangles, and the likes and are typically more sophisticated by nature. The presence and the relevance of jewelries and accessories began several hundre years ago when they were worn by ancestors. Their jewelries were usually made of natural components such as sea shells, coconut pieces, metals, and the likes that each has significance on whichever part of the body the accessory is placed. Say a woman or man with smaller holes in her earlobes, in which a ring is placed encircling the hole, are said to belong in a low class society while those with bigger earrings and thus bigger earlobe holes were those in the higher form of society. Jewelries can signify your level in a society such as those who can afford to wear expensive ones are considered the elite or the upper class while those who cannot are the low and the middle classes.

Today jewelries and accessories are always the first to go after when buying a certain type of dress. For a one shoulder dress or an off the shoulder dress, you can always opt for bangles for your arm and the ever stylish chandelier earrings. Meanwhile you can even make use of accessories to add style to your stunning monokini swimsuits by opting for anklets or beach jewelries. Just one perfect accessory to match the right outfit and you are on your way to a goddess look.

PeteBits and Pieces that Speak a Thousand Words