Black and White Wedding Invitations

It’s no surprise that more engaged couples are beginning to choose black and white wedding invitations to announce their special day. Not only are black and white colors versatile and elegant, but they look crisp and clear when printed on a wedding invitation. Best of all, if you and your partner can’t agree on what colors or prints you’d like to showcase on your invitations, settling on a black and white design can be a happy compromise. Many times, couples are disappointed to see their invitations because colors aren’t always printed the same as they appear online or in a store. In addition, choosing to add two or more colors on your invitations may make them appear messy or hard to follow. For all these reasons and more, you’ll find that black wedding invites may be the perfect choice for you.

Although many couples would assume that black and white colors are simple, these hues are far from that. In fact, you have many more choices available to you if choosing black and white wedding invitations. For example, you can opt to have a photo of you and your partner on both sides of the invitation, while printing the information in the center. The whole invitation will flow together, while looking well-designed at the same time. Or, opt to have beautiful flowers printed onto your wedding invitation or a decorative white or black ribbon.

Don’t think that black wedding invitations have to be white cardstock with black print. You can opt for black cardstock with white print and white designs for originality and splendor. If your heart is set on adding a splash of color, choose to add a small colored bow at the top of your black and white wedding invites.

Black wedding invites are also a great choice because you can find them at lower costs than other invitations. Purchasing a plain piece of white or black cardstock is less expensive than purchasing invitations with designs and color. You can even print the invitations on your own using a black font. To complete your invitations, be sure to include an envelope that fits with the theme. The envelopes can be white with a black flap, or completely black in color.

PeteBlack and White Wedding Invitations