Black Mold Symptoms Can Include Skin Rash

Black mold symptoms are varied and can be serious. This mold produces microscopic spores that travel everywhere; once they enter a human body they thrive on the moisture, oxygen and organic material they find there. Many times the symptoms disappear once the mold is removed; although chronic symptoms may linger for life. There are many tests available to determine if an area is infected with this potentially deadly substance. If mold has infiltrated an area, the source of the problem will be located, the mold removed and the symptoms of black mold exposure should dissipate.

This invasive organism can cause mild or severe symptoms and attacks the respiratory and central nervous systems. A person can experience breathing problems, headaches, cough, red eyes, rashes, hives, and even nausea. Symptoms much scarier to people were constant deep tiredness or lethargy, memory loss or confusion and being unable to concentrate. The fastest way to discover the cause is an environmental test of the air and surfaces of the space. A doctor can perform a number of tests for allergies including a scratch test, and intradermal test by putting some of the possible allergens under the skin. These tests are fast, the results are received in 15 minutes due to the body’s reaction. A blood test takes longer.

Mold requires moisture to grow; if there is mold in homes, there is a moisture problem somewhere. If there are no signs of mold on walls, floors, ceilings, bathtubs or showers the problem is hidden in the basement, crawlspace or attic. The first step is to locate the problem and stop the water infiltration. The next step is to remove all the damage caused from mold; this may include removing ceiling, walls, insulation and carpeting. The area is then treated and all signs of the mold washed away. The air is purified to remove any spores and home or apartment is ready for occupancy. Mold exposure symptoms should go away once the causes have been eliminated.

Black mold symptoms can be almost anything and can evolve to a life-threatening illness if not treated and the cause removed. Most people recover their health and energy quickly.

PeteBlack Mold Symptoms Can Include Skin Rash