Bob The Builder Characters Parents Need To Know

Bob the builder is a popular children’s television program that is shown on numerous children’s television networks. In the stop motion animated show Bob is a contractor who specializes in masonry. Along with his co-worker, neighbors, and friends; Bob goes around participating in renovation, construction, and repair projects. As the show is so popular with pre-school children it would beneficial for parents to know who each of the Bob the Builder characters are so they do not become confused when buying toys or merchandise for their children.

The characters on the show are organized into two categories: humans and machines.  The three main human characters are Bob, Farmer Pickles and Wendy. Wendy is Bob’s business partner who organizes the equipment and keeps the business in order. She also occasionally works with Bob on construction work. Farmer Pickles lives in the neighborhood and he sometimes aides the crew with their work. Some other popular minor characters from the show include Mr. Bernard Bentley, Dora, Dorothy, Tom, Robert, and Jenny.

The Bob the Builder characters that are machines are generally the most popular with kids. Parents can find numerous toys modeled after the machines that have personalities like Bob and Wendy’s children. The show contains a plethora of machine characters that users can find information about online. However some of the most popular characters include: Scoop, Muck, Roley, Lofty, and Dizzy.

Scoop is the leader of the machines and is a yellow backhoe loader. Muck is a red bulldozer that often gets in trouble for acting without thinking. Roley is a green steamroller that is known for the phrase “rock n roll”. Lofty is a shy blue cane, and Dizzy is a young concrete mixer that’s orange. She is known for her excitable and eager nature.

Parents can search online in order to find numerous toy vehicles, play sets, merchandise, talking toys, and LEGO sets modeled after these characters.

PeteBob The Builder Characters Parents Need To Know