Bodybuilding Routines: A 3 Day Plan To Gain Mass

If you are planning to shape up your body to make it look better and make you feel good as well, then this is the perfect article for you to read right now. It will give you information about a 3 day plan that will allow you to improve your physique. After reading, you will surely hit your target in no time at all.

If your goal is to sculpt your body and have that beach worthy definition in your abs, you have to keep in mind that it will take you more than just lifting heavy weights in the gym on a regular basis. Remember that long body building routines do not guarantee results.  Most of the time shorter and more intense workouts are better. Also, it is imperative to set your goal clearly since there are specific routines that are designed to burn fats and lose weight, while others are programmed to help you build mass of muscles.

Your concentration in building muscles would only mean that bodybuilding routines would benefit you more than any other regular exercises. Normally, an effective routine only takes a 3 day plan.  Within each day, you are expected to work out on different muscle groups that will eventually create a solid routine once completed. On the first day, targeting your biceps and your back is the way to kick things off. Try out four different types of exercises that will allow you to work on both target areas for that day and take note which of these four are more effective.

On the second day, it is time to concentrate on your triceps and chest. With the same formula, listen to your body and know which of the exercises you will try out make you feel that the body is responding positively to. Normally, on both days, and once you have determined which exercise works best, 3 sets with 10 repetitions each is quite effective. With the same formula of trying out exercises and with the same number of reps and sets, you can work on your legs, shoulders and thighs on the third day. Once you have set the right kind of exercise on all three, then you have already created a solid program suitable for your body’s response.

To summarize, body building routines may vary depending on the person who is going to do it. Not all programs can work the same on all people since the body also replies differently each time. The trick is to listen to your body because it will definitely give you clues on what works and what does not.  If you need some home gym equipment, then you should look into the P90X bands and the P90X chin up bar.

PeteBodybuilding Routines: A 3 Day Plan To Gain Mass