Bookends Can Be Decorative Assets Too

Apart from actually buying books, a book collector must ensure one other very important factor to be successful with their pastime and that is to store the books properly so they don’t become damaged. Any damage at all to a collectable book will severely affect its value. There are many small bumps and knocks that can damage a book, but the biggest danger is spine lean and it occurs when a book is stored at an angle rather than vertically. It is essential that every book in the collection is stored so that it is perfectly upright.

A simple investment in a set of bookends and placing them at either end of the row of books will solve the problem. They are a simple concept that has been successfully employed for hundreds of years to keep order in the bookshelves and not only do they work well but they can also provide decorative value to the room.

Using a couple of unique bookends is a very effective way to generate an interesting feature in the room. There is really no limit to the type of materials that can be used in the creation of a bookend that will provide you with great function. Apart from providing a decorative feature to the room a good bookend must have two qualities to be successful. The first is that it should be heavy enough to support the weight of the books without tipping over and the second is that it must have a straight edge that will lie evenly along the front (or back) of the book.

Some of the types of materials that have been used as bookends include stone, wood, glass, wood and plaster. There have been more people who have displayed their artistic talents by creating very decorative bookends using a range of newer materials. Using natural objects such as agate bookends will also provide a display as artistic as anything that is man-made.

From favorite animals and ancient symbols to the more modern cartoon characters, bookends can be used to make a statement in the room while protecting your books.

PeteBookends Can Be Decorative Assets Too