Brainwave Entrainment: A Natural Process to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Everyone suffers from stress up to some extent. Be it school going kid, housewife, earning adult or retired grandparents; everyone has their own share of stress and anxiety to live with. Basically there is nothing wrong to face stress. On contrary, it is bodily signals provided by brain to alert mind to confront challenging and life threatening situations. If it is a natural response of body, why do people suffer so much from feeling stressed?

The reason lies in continuation of stress even after threatening situation is over. Continued stress doesn’t get released due to lack of physical confrontation or mental resolution. Therefore stress gets stored in mind and keeps piling up inside. Eventually body gets accustomed to stress and develops habit of assuming every event as a life threat. This condition is called anxiety disorder. According to a recent survey, there are approximately 40 million anxiety sufferers in USA alone. To free humanity of this mind originated disorder, we need to call upon natural faculties of mind itself.

Mind is very mysterious. It has power to destroy us, and if operated skillfully, it can serve us infinitely. Mentally formed anxiety has its solution lied in mind itself. Mind has learned certain behaviors which triggers anxiety even in slightly unfavorable event. Physical counterpart of this process is amygdale gland which becomes highly activated under marginally stressful situation. Over a period, it causes various disorders like phobias, panic attacks and compulsive behaviors. We can balance this misbehavior easily by using brainwave entrainment programs.

Brainwave entrainment programs like Quantum Mind Power use sound frequencies recorded in binaural and isochronic tones that induce brain to shift its frequency to relaxed state of mind. Such state is very conducive for healing and rejuvenation. It brings both hemisphere of brain in perfect balance and suppresses activity of amygdale gland. It can greatly enhance practice of meditation for beginners. Regular practice of meditation helps releasing stress and brings peace and serenity to mind. They are highly effective for overcoming panic attacks, anxiety and many mental disorders.

PeteBrainwave Entrainment: A Natural Process to Relieve Stress and Anxiety