The Collectible Britain’s Toy Soldiers

W P Britain has achieved legendary status because his is the name behind the production of the finest lead-free pewter, intricately detailed, historically accurate toy soldiers in the entire industry. Britain’s Toy Soldiers represent some of the most notable battles and soldiers in all of history.

An English maker of toys, Britain began production of his line of toy soldiers in 1893. Today, the name is widely recognized as the worldwide leader in the production of metal soldiers. These soldiers range from knights of the 15th Century to soldiers of the 20th Century. This collection represents the most extensive one in the industry.

The highly collectible Britain’s toy soldiers are characteristically cast in 1/32 scale making them 54mm or 2.5 inches tall for a standing toy soldier.

Commemorating many historically important battles and people, with startling accuracy, these toy soldiers represent the World Wars and those who fought in it, the American Revolution and America’s Civil War. There are sets that represent the Zulu wars from the Battle of Rorke’s Drift as well. An outstanding set of miniatures covers the Crimean War and India Mutiny in the Victoria Cross collection. Waterloo and the Battle of Hougoumont are commemorated in the Napoleonic set. There is also a set that celebrates the bi-centennial anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar with Lord Nelson and the courageous crew of the HMS Victory. A splendid Museum collection depicts the famous Black Watch and the United States Marines. Military Bands have ample representation among Britain’s toy soldiers. There are numerous marching bands from various military campaigns in their bright uniforms and lifelike styling from which to choose.

Some special toy soldiers are available such as the medieval soldiers, or knights, which are fascinating replicas of the famous Knights of the Round Table, Tournament knights and the knights from Agincourt. The Elite Forces collection is also highly sought after as it represents some astounding soldiers from the brand new British Gurkhas, and the British Royal Marine Commandos to the British Paratroopers and those British who served in Operation Nimrod from the Iranian Embassy.

Whether a person wants to collect the classic toy soldiers from the “Redcoats” replicas or purchase the modern specialties that represent the soldiers they may have been themselves, there are Britain’s toy soldiers for every collector, history buff and military enthusiast.

Britain’s Toy Soldiers are remarkably accurate, detailed and highly collectible metal soldier forms that span history and nations to offer the finest toy soldier regiments available on the market today.

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