Buy and Sell Classified Ads

I have long been a fan of people who buy and sell classified ads, or rather I like the idea that people are using classified ads to get the things that they want. If you buy and sell classified ads then you are going to make money and save money. Cutting out the middleman when it comes to sales is the smartest thing that a person can do. There is no need for this extra transaction in every business deal, yet that is the most common way that we sell things.

Let us say that you are selling a car the conventional way. You take your used car to a used car dealership and the person who is going to buy it from you starts looking it over. They know that they have to get you to take the lowest price possible because they have to turn around and sell ot for me–for no reason, I might add. This entire business lies within that small profit margin; the salesman buys the car from you at a cheap price, and then turns around sells it at a higher price to someone who really needs it.

Looking at this situation, can anyone out there come up with a good reason to do it this way? Don’t tell me that it’s easier, because posting something on the internet and having someone come to your house is about as easy as it can get. Buying or selling something this way means two things: it means that the seller will be getting less money, and the final buyer will be spending more money.

If the seller had sold it directly to the final buyer than they could have gotten more money for their car, and the final buyer still could have gotten the vehicle for a better price. This isn’t even a secret that I am letting you in on, so please don’t act surprised. If you buy and sell classified ads then you will be getting more for your money every time. I can say from personal experience that buying and selling things from classified ads or the internet is a great way to deal with people. I have never had any problems as either the buyer or the seller in these situations.

In fact, I don’t know why I am not buying and selling things right now–it is a great way to make a little extra money, or find some cool things that you would never be able to find otherwise! I even have friends who search for one or two specific things everyday that are not available anymore; this is either because they are old or are simply not sold in large quantities. No matter what the item is, sooner or later it will always come up.

This is the only way to find rare things, and still get them for good prices. Everything from rare guitars to cheap cars, my friends and I have found a lot of useful items in the classifieds. To buy and sell classified ads you just need to sign up and do it. It is an extremely easy process in most cases, and there is no risk involved whatsoever. Find some old stuff that you don’t want and have an internet garage sale–it really is the same thing. You put your stuff out in a place where people can see it, and then they come by at their own leisure and ask you about some of the items–maybe they will buy a few things and maybe they won’t. Either way, you are hardly doing anything at all!

PeteBuy and Sell Classified Ads