Buyer’s guide to finding good, cheap electric guitars

Here’s the trouble many new guitarists experience:  while it’s extremely easy to find a great guitar, and it’s very easy to find a cheap guitar, it is definitely not easy to find a great, cheap guitar.  That’s a pretty big deal if you’re a young guitar player hoping to start learning the ropes.  Most music stores are full of beautiful new instruments, the vast majority of which are out of reach for the younger player.

If you’re in that pickle, don’t worry. We’ll cover a few easy pointers to find a very solid guitar for relatively little money. It is particularly important to find a good guitar if you’re in the process of learning how to teach yourself guitar, as learning to play guitar is an uphill slog to begin with. You’re going to be struggling against yourself quite a bit anyway as you learn, so there’s no reason to battle your guitar as well.

While you’re looking around for cheap electric guitars for sale, bear a few points in mind. First, your guitar has to feel very comfortable to you. I’ve picked up plenty of gorgeous instruments that just didn’t feel comfortable to me. The shape of the neck, the size of the fretboard, the thickness of the frets, the height of the strings above the fretboard (known as the “action”), even the weight of the guitar body all have a big impact on how comfortable the instrument is to play.

You also need to play any cheap electric guitar through the make and model of  guitar amplifier you plan to use before you buy it.  If you already have an amplifier, you can bring it with you to the music store. Every combination of guitar and amplifier is a little bit different, so you need to be sure you’re satisfied with how they sound together before you open your pocketbook.

PeteBuyer’s guide to finding good, cheap electric guitars