Buying a Hunting Knife for Survival

One of the standard pieces of gear every hunter carries is a knife. Finding the correct hunting knife for the hunters needs, however, can be difficult. There is a wide range of knives for hunting. Options range from skinning knives to all in one multi-tool that will work for anything and everything hunters may need a knife for. With this wide variety, it is important to decide what is best for them; however, there are standards that should be considered regardless of the hunting style.

For outdoor adventures, a solid and sharp knife is important. Whether you are skinning a deer, field dressing an animal, or cutting roots and tree limbs for shelter a strong sharp blade is vital. An optimal choice is to find a knife with a fixed blade. A fixed blade knife offers stability and strength because the blade itself does not move or fold; many hunters consider this safer, especially during actual hunting kills rather than simply skinning or field dressing.

When searching for proper knives try to avoid double-edged blades. These are designed for thrusting techniques and whereas that is important when hunting this can actually work against outdoor enthusiasts for survival. Also, try to avoid the statement that bigger is better. Huge bladed knives are heavier, in many cases awkward to hold and grip, and are difficult for multi-tasking survival techniques. Another aspect to avoid is the hollow handled blades. These allow water and debris to enter the handle, which can cause quick break down of a knife.

Avoiding fashion and fads and sticking with a standard multi-tasking knife will be best in the end for a hunter. These knives may cost more but that cost will save in the end when the hunter does not have to worry about broken blades, survival issues, and disease from hollow handled debris. Remember to look for a strong, solid, sharp blade that is fixed. Everything else boils down to personal choice.

PeteBuying a Hunting Knife for Survival