Buying Laptop Power Cords

If you have an HP laptop power cord powering your computer, you’re probably all too familiar with the consequences of when it breaks. And, it probably will break. It’s not that HP makes shoddy equipment; these cords are just like any other piece of equipment. They’re old. It’s been tripped over too many times. It doesn’t really matter, of course. All you’re worried about is how to get it fixed or outright replaced.

An important thing to look into is if the cord itself is model specific. While most companies will have a pretty universal power cord for each of its laptops in the line for ease of replacement and manufacture tooling, some actually do have power cords unique to the model (check out a Toshiba laptop power cord; most are different) . It doesn’t happen often, but often enough to where you want to make sure before you go out and order just any HP laptop power cord. Part of this of course is ensuring that the voltage and amperage rating of the cord and power box itself is correct. We talked about this in another article, of course. The consequences of using the incorrect power cord on a laptop can lead to your system doing its best brick impression. That’s not fun.

What’s the correct length of cord you’ll need? Is the replacement cord the same length as the busted one or not? Will it allow you to sit down at your desk and work the same way you did beforehand? These are all important questions to look into before you walk out with your purchase. When you do find the correct replacement power cord, it shouldn’t cost a whole heck of a lot, fortunately. Unlike batteries these tend to only cost $20-$30 USD, so you shouldn’t need to spend a small fortune getting your laptop up and running again. Good luck.

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